Koshi Wildlife Camp

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Koshi Camp is situated in the lowlands of south-eastern Nepal, on the eastern edge of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. This is Nepal’s finest wetland reserve, and one of the best known in Asia. Its 175 square kilometres were originally afforded protection to preserve the region’s population of the endangered wild Water Buffalo, but the reserve additionally protects a wealth of wetland, grassland and woodland mammals and birds, amongst them such specialities as Ganges River Dolphin, Fishing Cat, Smooth-coated Otter, Bengal Florican, Swamp Francolin, Red-necked Falcon, Striated Grassbird and Rufous-vented Prinia. Koshi Camp’s grounds, which comprise 10 acres of ponds, grassland and light woodland which we created 20 years ago specifically to attract birds and mammals, adjoin the reserve and give us direct walking and jeep access to it. 

The Camp’s accommodation comprises 12 furnished walk-in tented rooms with attached private toilet and hot shower room, each set beneath a quaint locally-constructed thatched shelter. All meals are served in the Camp’s thatched restaurant and bar and consist of ample and very wholesome local fare, prepared by Kanchha, our head chef. Often, however, the fine weather allows us to take our meals outside, at tables arranged in the garden, giving us the chance to observe passing birds and mammals as we enjoy such al fresco dining. Indeed our grounds are so rich in wildlife that they can keep the keen wildlife enthusiast or photographer busy and enthralled all day. Fishing Cats, Jungle Cats, Golden Jackals and civets may be seen, whilst Cinnamon, Yellow and Black Bitterns may be amongst the many avian highlights enjoyed here by keen birders (especially those spending time in our hide). Best of all though, you will benefit from the expertise of our specialist naturalist-guides, whose knowledge of this region and its wildlife is second to none! A stay at Koshi Camp offers a truly authentic taste of remote, rural Nepal, where peace and tranquillity reign, together with a magnificent variety of bird and mammal species. Indeed, so rich in birdlife is this special reserve that over 160 species are likely to be seen during a 4-night stay, together with such rare animals as wild Water Buffalo, Ganges River Dolphin, Smooth-coated Otter, Jungle Cat, Hog Deer, Nilgai, Golden Jackal, Marsh Mugger Crocodile and perhaps even a Fishing Cat, wild Asian Elephant, Bengal Fox or Black Giant Squirrel.