Koshi Wildlife Camp

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Camp Accommodation

Koshi Camp is a simple but comfortable permanent tented camp run by a team of Nepal’s top naturalists especially for wildlife enthusiasts, wildlife photographers and ornithologists wishing to explore Nepal’s unique Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The Camp consists of 12 large walk-in tents, or ‘tented rooms’, each with twin beds and simply furnished. Each tent has its own terrace and attached toilet and shower room (offering wonderfully hot showers for those cooler winter’s evenings) and is set beneath a thatched roof in local style. A separate dining hall accommodates both our restaurant and bar, which serves a variety of drinks, plus a small library of natural history books for your reference. There is clean running water (hot and cold) for showers, and drinking water can be obtained without charge from the bar. Although the camp accommodation is both cosy and comfortable (with hot water bottles to be found in the beds on cold nights!), the accommodation and facilities at Koshi Camp are simple rather than luxurious. However, this is unquestionably the best place to stay for anyone wishing to visit and explore this very special reserve, in which may be found a great many mammals and birds found nowhere else in Nepal! Our grounds alone are a ‘wildlife reserve’ of high quality, but for further exploration, especially of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve itself, we offer guided walks, jeep safaris, river rafting and night-time spotlighting.  


The meals served at Koshi Camp by our head chef, Kanchha, are tasty and wholesome. They are prepared from fresh local ingredients and based around staple Western, Chinese and Nepalese/Indian recipes, any freshly-made curries served being mild rather than very spicy. Dinners, and lunches when taken at Koshi Camp, generally consist of three courses – often with a soup starter, meat, vegetable and rice/potato main course, followed by a fruit or rice-based dessert. At breakfast, you may choose as much or as little as you wish from a choice of porridge, cereal, eggs, toast/jam and fruit, accompanied by juice and tea or coffee. On the occasions when exploring the reserve requires an early start with breakfast and/or lunch in the field, packed meals are provided, based around local breads (chapati, puri, naan, roti, paratha, etc), cold chicken, eggs, fresh fruit, homemade crisps and fruit juice. Our chef will also happily prepare vegetarian or vegan meals on request, though should you have any other special dietary requirement it would be best to contact our Kathmandu or UK office in advance to be sure it can be catered for. There’s also a bar which serves a limited choice of soft drinks as well as beer, wine and spirits.   

Where is Koshi Camp? ... and how do you get there?

Koshi Camp lies at the edge of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the heart of rural lowland Nepal, amongst the quaint, if simple, mud and brick thatched villages of farmers and fisherman of both Indian and hill tribe stock. It is a flat yet charming land of paddyfields, fishponds, hayricks and tiny temples in wooded groves of mango and fig trees. Birds abound, and, following each evening’s warm and hazy sunset, Indian Flying Foxes leave their roosts and head out to feed as weary flocks of Cattle Egrets head home. To reach Koshi Camp, you must either drive for a full day from Kathmandu (a long but scenic journey of 10 hours) or fly from Kathmandu to Biratnagar, a town on the Indian border about 53 kilometres to the south-east of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. From Biratnagar, an hour’s drive westwards along Nepal’s East-West highway brings you to within seven kilometres or so of Koshi Camp – a 20-minute drive along a rural track to the north of the highway. This latter part of the drive is fascinating – a classic introduction to life in rural Nepal. Here, subsistence farming is the norm, each family with its few chickens, goats, pigs and domestic water buffaloes, tended by family members of all ages – each village street alive with unceasing activity. If you are flying to Biratnagar, as most of our guests do, you will need to book your road transfers with us when you book your stay with our booking office in Kathmandu or the UK or your travel agent. 
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